Echo Dot Wall Mount Accessories – NEW 2018 Model Holder – Outlet Case Stand Hanger Bracket Plate – for Dt 2nd Generation and Similar Smart Home Speakers – Short Wire Cable Included – Black

Price: $7.99
(as of Aug 20,2018 08:06:16 UTC – Details)


We made echo dot mount holder for smart home and echo dot wall mount so that could use echo dot accessories 2nd generation more conveniently If you buy echo dot holder receive echo dot accessories save from inconvenience. Using echo dot wall mount holder you can be sure it echo dot speaker mount will work fine. Unlike many echo dot 2nd gen accessories, this one has 6 holes on back cover. Using echo dot outlet cover you save space around! echo dot mount outlet you do not need a drill and bolts. echo dot 2nd generation mount made of high quality plastic, device will be inserted very securely.
echo dot accessories kit included: 
– echo dot wall mount plate
– Short cord 
– Soft rubbers which connects with echo dot wall mount outlet 
– Instruction for echo dot 2nd generation holder
Your echo dot accessories holder is perfect for any room , kitchen, bathroom, livingroome… Using echo dot mount black in the kitchen, echo dot holder black, will look good in socket. It’s always better when device hangs on the wall in the echo dot outlet holder than just lies on table. By making an echo dot outlet plate for echo dot 2nd generation accessories we thought about it. echo dot 2nd generation wall mount also looks great in the interior of the bedroom. Use echo dot speaker wall mount in bathroom it best idea! echo dot wall mount bathroom will keep device from splashing. We came up with the best echo dot accessories for bathroom and best echo dot accessories for home. Buy echo dot speaker accessories you get echo dot accessories charger station which is called best echo dot wall mount. I will say more: buy echo dot and accessories be sure to buy echo dot holder wall mount and echo dot outlet wall mount this wall mount for echo dot will be excellent helpers for you!

✌ BEST SOUND OUTPUT – This echo dot wall mount accessories has holes for reflections from the wall sound echo on back cover and for this reason the wall will not be an obstacle.
✌ ROTATION BY 360 ° – By means of an elastic insert rotated in the body of echo dot wall mount by 360 degrees, you can use speaker in horizontal andvertical outlets in any room your home, kitchen, bedroom, livingroom, bathroom.
✌ FREEDOM FROM LONG CORD – Echo dot wall mount accessories has a short cord free you from cable which is always confused.
✌ THE ORIGINAL CHARGER IS USED – With your echo dot accessories the original charger is used which is installed in an soft rubber gasket, so it is very good to stay in outlet. Echo dot accessories can use with charger echo dot 2nd generation and similar chargers.
✌ EASY INSTALL – Installing your echo dot 2nd gen or any devices is very simple and does not require much of your attention. Its very easy! We offer echo dot accessories which helps you get rid of problems and save the space around you!

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