Echo Dot Wall Mount Hangers Stand Holder for Amazon Echo Dot 2nd,Improved The Shortcomings of Other Echo Dot Holder Mount Without Messy Wires or Screws – FELIGG – White

Price: $8.88
(as of Nov 17,2018 01:28:39 UTC – Details)


✦ Best Space-saving

Outlet wall mount hanger frees up the counter space and provides a much cleaner look with inner customized shorted cable,saving dot accessories for your smart home speaker without messy wires or screws.Having it mounted high on the wall as opposed to on a table. Much cleaner look.

✦ Easy to Use, Flexible Installing Places on the Wall.

Can be mounted up or down.The option of having the echo sit under, above, left, or right of the outlet is convenient as well.If you use it in the bottom of the two sockets on atypical electrical outlet, the top socket is still perfectly usable.

✦ Perfect Home for Your Speaker.

This smart mount keeps your speaker on vertical surface such as wall,cabinet or anywhere you like, to make it easier to catch the sound and more effective,no more furniture or other items blocking it.

✦ Save Space and Eliminate Cord Clutter.

Great holders,holds the dot 2gen perfectly.It is out of the way and just hangs safely without a doubt.No longer needing a long charging cable.It comes with a small cable to attach to the plug, allowing you to keep the long USB power cable that comes with an Echo Dot in the box.

More Features:

✦ Fit Dot 2nd Gen perfectly,buttons of the speaker remain accessible.

✦ Functional wall hanger,allows full use of the other outlets.

✦ Designed to work with both horizontal and vertical outlets.
✦ The mount can be put anywhere you want.

✦ Holder is easy to remove and installation.

✦ Outlet wall mount includes short customized power cable.

Package Includes:

1 × Wall Mount

1 x Short Cord

1 x User Manual
✦【Simple yet Functional】 Easy Setup.No drilling holes or screwing,you need not a box cutter or scissors to open the package,install the speaker on the wall in seconds.Works with vertical and horizontal outlets,and great for kitchen,study,living room,bathroom and bedroom.
✦【The Neatest and Cleanest】 This mount is very neat after being installed,no wires all over the place,also keeps your speaker safe from any potential damage due to liquid spills or food splatter,it’s also a real space saver for countertop and also if plugged into bottom plugin,it doesn’t block off the top plugin.
✦【Easy to Install】 Simply plug your speaker’s power supply into the outlet,put the device into the bracket,and use the short cord that comes with the Mount to plug the Echo Dot into the power supply.Now you can have your speaker off the counter and to use.
✦【Secure and Stable】 The wall mount’s non-slip design and can fit more snugly to the wall plug,which secures your Dot on wall firmly,keep the wall mount from impact.
✦【A Better Listening Experience】 Keeps your speaker on wall vertically ,Alexa hears much greater accuracy than when sitting on a flat surface.

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