Etenli Echo Dot 2nd Generation Holder Wall Mount & Outlet Other Round Voice Assistants A Space-Saving Solution for Your Smart Home Speakers without Messy Wires or Screws Black

Price: $7.69 - $6.99
(as of Nov 21,2018 13:38:32 UTC – Details)


A Space-Saving Solution for Your Smart Home Speakers without Messy Wires or Screws – White for your choice.Perfect Home for Your Speaker.
The Etenli smart mount keeps your speaker on vertical surface such as wall, cabinet or anywhere you like, to make it easier to catch the sound and more effective the command is noticed, no more furniture or other items blocking it.

Color: White and Black
Material: 100% environmentally friendly plastic material
Applicable models:only for Dot2
Size: 6.1*3.5*1.6in
Weight: 50g

How to use: 
1. Slide the Dot 2 into the hook section from the top of the stand
2. Connect the USB cable to Dot 2 and socket respectively
3. Insert the USB socket into the socket of the bracket
4. Hold the entire bracket in your hand and plug it into the wall socket

More Features
Fit Dot 2nd Gen perfectly, buttons of the speaker remain accessible.
Functional wall hanger, allows full use of the other outlet.
Nifty blue rubber gasket helps to grip the power adapter better.
Half-moon shaped spacer on backside of mount supports the speaker against wall.
Designed to work with both horizontal and vertical outlets.

What’s in the box?
1 * Etenli Wall Mount Charging Bracket for Dot 2
1 * USB Cable
1* Operating InstructionsNo Long and Mess Wires: Connect the device and power adapter with our short cable hidden in this wall mount. Your device doesn’t stand in the way of the counter top space any more
No Drilling Holes And Screws: Very easy to install and lock smart speaker with a secure clip and cover the power adapter with a seamless case perfectly. No Voice and Sound Loss: No microphones and speakers are blocked
Say goodbye to long ugly cord bunched up behind the dot, it frees up the counter space and provides a much cleaner look with included custom shorted cable, also keeps your speaker safe from any potential damage due to liquid spills or food splatter
Keeps your speaker on wall horizontally, and allows it to project louder when she’s singing out facing you instead of yelling up from flat on her back, providing you good audition experience.Designed for Dot 2nd Gen and some round speakers.
The Wall mount Installs in seconds and works with VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL outlets. No drilling in your walls required! Great for bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and ALL other rooms.

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