Outlet Wall Mount Holder Stand 2 Packs for Echo Dot 2nd Generation...


Outlet Wall Mount Holder Stand 2 Packs for Echo Dot 2nd Generation Plug in Study, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom (Short Cable Included, Black)

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This smart mount keeps your speaker on vertical surface such as wall, cabinet or anywhere you like, to make it easier to catch the sound and more effective the command is noticed, no more furniture or other items blocking it.


Fit Dot 2nd Gen perfectly, buttons of the speaker remain accessible.
Functional wall hanger, allows full use of the other outlet.
Nifty blue rubber gasket helps to grip the power adapter better.
Half-moon shaped spacer on backside of mount supports the speaker against wall.
Designed to work with both horizontal and vertical outlets.

Easy to Install:

1. Simply plug your speaker’s power supply into the outlet.
2. Put the device into the bracket.
3. Use the short cord that comes with the Mount to plug the dot into the power supply.
4. Have your speaker off the counter and ready to use.

Various Applations:
1. Kitchen: Outlet mounting with Our Speaker Wall Mount in your kitchen makes your Echo Dot less-likely to be subject to messy spills or cord-related ‘accidents’. No more need to raise your voice to ask Alexa in some other room to set a timer, suggest a recipe, or to tell you how many cups in a quart; just speak softly as your Echo Dot will only be a whisper away.

2. Living Room and Bedrooms: Your living room and bedrooms can utilize Our Speaker Wall Mount to give you the freedom to mount your Echo Dot along any wall with an electrical outlet, without taking up space on night stands, end tables or credenzas.

3. Master Bathroom: In your master bathroom, Our Speaker Wall Mount keeps your Dot out of the way, allowing you to listen to an audible book or play music while you tend to even your most private needs.

Package Includes:
2 x Wall Mount
2 x Short Cables


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